After the reception, after the meals, after the drinks, after the prizes, after the dancing, after the celebration, all that remains are the memories and our Heroes...


Thank you MarketScout,

I am one of the soldiers that attended the Heroes! Celebration on September 11, 2004. My name is Clinton Allen and my wife is Lynsey. We would like to say "Thank you" for giving us all at 4th I.D., Fort Hood, a very welcome home celebration. We were surprised to hear that companies were still thinking about military personnel and their families.

On that night, September 11, I had won a round trip ticket from Southwest Airlines in which my wife and I will be using in the near future. The next day at the Texas Rangers baseball game I had a chance to catch a baseball that was hit by Alfonso Soriano, but decided to video tape the ball coming down in front of me and letting a young man retrieve it. That weekend will be forever in our minds. Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you,
Clinton and Lynsey Allen

Thank you for your great effort to honor our military and reinforce patriotism! My nominee, James Gentemann, was very appreciative and his parents were beaming! I think those young soldiers will remember the night forever.

Joan Henderson
President, Henderson Taylor Consulting, Inc.

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say thank you for allowing Linda and me to take part in the tribute to the United States Military men and women who have taken part in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Having served in Southeast Asia in the Air Force during the Viet Nam War, I remember what it was like back then for the military to return home.

This on the other hand was truly a celebration of these fine young men and women and the cause that they have dedicated their lives to support. It was a pleasure to welcome these heroes to the event, but it was even a greater pleasure to be able to talk to them during the initial reception, dinner, and the dance.

I have either been in or worked with the military for the last 35 years, and this is the nicest thing I can ever remember happening. This was a real class thing that AIG and especially you had a part in bringing to fruition, and once again I want to thank you for allowing Linda and I to be a part of it.

Your friend,

I had an opportunity to attend a dinner on Saturday night which was hosted by MarketScout and AIG in honor of our troops. I attended the dinner at my husband's table and have to tell you how truely honored I was to be able to be part of it. The reception was awesome as we were able to visit with some of the men and women of the 4th infantry division from Fort Hood. (This was the division, if you remember, who were able to pull Sadam Husein out of his hole.) These young soldiers had all served in the middle east either fighting the war on terror or the war in Iraq.

Then there was a dinner and the keynote speaker was General Thurman who is the commander of the division. His talk was basically, thanking us for the support of the troops. Can you imagine? What they do for us and he was thanking us? His message also included their dedication to winning the wars we are currently fighting - neither one easy and basically asked for our dilegence as they go about their jobs. I promise you there was not a dry eye in the house - and these were all very tough insurance people.

Every soldier in that room will be returning to the middle east and will be fighting to allow us to do what we do everyday. I was so thrilled to be able to spend some time with them and thank them personally for what they do - I wanted to share the experience with you. I beleive this will be an annual event and I would encourage each of you to mark your calendars now for September 11, 2005.



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