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Tattoo & Piercing Shops

Market Overview

Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB) was founded in 1993 to handle niche programs on a national basis. One of the first programs we designed was for professionals in the Body Art industry. Many well-known tattoo artist and some of the largest shops across America have trusted us for many years with their insurance.

We specialize in each industry we insure and are able to provide customizable consent, medical history and aftercare forms to clients for their own use. Coverage is tailored to each service based on what that profession needs to protect against. Brokers are encouraged to work with our marketing manager to create personalized marketing brochures for their agency.  

Coverage Parameters

We offer general and professional liability, also property coverage. We can provide communicable disease indemnity coverage, sexual abuse/molestation, cyber protection and workers' compensation (in some states).

We can offer limits $100,000 claim/$100,000 aggregate up to $2,000,000 claim/ $3,000,000 aggregate. We can also offer occurrence form general liability if needed.


Coverage is written through Lloyd's of London.

Commission Schedule

10% for most retail agents.

Application Requirements

Copy of E & O coverage, insurance license, completed broker agreement and a submission to be quoted.



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