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Negligent Resident Caused Losses

Market Overview

RLL® is a unique solution for multi-family apartment owners that transfers the financial liability for negligently caused resident losses. RLL® fulfills residents’ legal obligations regarding indemnification. The RLL® program improves NOI, eliminates losses on P&C policies and is utilized as a deductible buy down. Program available in all 50 states.


Coverage Parameters

RLL® covers five ‘perils’ for negligent resident-caused losses:

  • fire
  • smoke
  • explosion
  • water discharge
  • resident induced sewer back-up


These five perils account for the majority of resident-generated losses. RLL® provides a $100,000 per occurence limit master policy establishes the owner as the named insured and primary.


The RLL® model requires $100,000 of property damage liability coverage from all residents. The claims process pays first dollar on all losses originated by participating residents the $250 deductible. All resident negligent losses up to $100,000 are submitted to the RLL® carrier, which dramatically controls P&C loss ratios.



XL Catlin Group


Commission Schedule

10% commission is paid on each monthly unit participation cost of $7.95. Commission is $0.795 per unit per month on all units participating in RLL program.


Application Requirements

Standard producer agreement.

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