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Individual Life

To become a producer for this line of business, please fill out a producer agreement.

Market Overview

This is one of MarketScout's Life & Health Division's most popular and successful product lines! Through a variety of carriers, we are able to accommodate impaired health conditions for individuals seeking Individual Life, Long Term Care, and Disability coverage. We offer Term, Permanent, Whole Life, Key Man, Buy/Sell, Modified Benefit, Graded Benefit and Guaranteed Issue coverage. Our specialty is obtaining coverage for impaired health individuals. Once we obtain initial underwriting information (MarketScout preliminary questionnaire) our strategic provider underwrites the risk in house thus matching the best carrier with the requested face amount, health conditions, age and location of the proposed insured. We have outstanding carriers for tobacco users. We insure Mexican citizens living in the United States. We write individuals with hazardous hobbies. There is no doubt we can help you with these individual lines of coverage.

Coverage Parameters

We can offer the desired limits are requested assuming the insured qualifies for such limit.


We represent over 30 Life carriers.

Commission Schedule

Our competitive commission depends on the specific carrier and type of coverage.

Application Requirements

We will assist in your appointment with the desired carrier. We also arrange for the Paramed exam.

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