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Fairs & Festivals

To become a producer for this line of business, please fill out a producer agreement.

Market Overview

This facility was established in August 2013 specifically for the fairs and festival industry.

This product is offered in all states. Annual or short-term policies including income protection for no show or event cancellation are available.

Coverage Parameters

We can write occurrence and claims made policies and first dollar coverage. Up to $10M limits on most casualty coverages and up to $20M on property coverages.

This can include lessee or vendor coverage for those renting your facility. We provide Directors & Officers and Data Breach coverages for your board. In addition to the standard general liability, workers ’ compensation, auto, and property coverages, we can provide liquor liability, fireworks coverage, parade liability, abuse and molestation coverage, incidental medical malpractice, contingent ride liability, participant liability, and accident coverage for your volunteers.


A rated by A.M. Best’s. Since we write a number of classes we utilize many different companies, all of whom are Best’s rated A VII or better to help satisfy umbrella market requirements; however, this program will utilize an A+ XV company.

Commission Schedule

Average commission schedule range is 10 to 15%.

Application Requirements

Marketscout Producer Agreement required along with E&O verification and respective state license. NO premium volume requirements. We operate on an ‘open market’ basis. We consider one off submissions and we file the tax.

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