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Maritime Employers Liability (mel)

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Market Overview

MarketScout offers comprehensive workers' compensation coverage to maritime employees as well as a highly specialized maritime insurance program that can reduce workers' compensations costs.

This program targets the following classes of business:

  • Loading and unloading of cargo from vessels
  • Repair and maintenance of vessels and   maritime equipment (such as ship repair, crane service, boiler and engine repair, electronic equipment installation and service, cleaning and painting)
  • Ship building(all commercial vessels, military vessels and pleasure craft over 65' such as yachts)
  • Marine terminals
  • Tank cleaning
  • Marine construction contractors
  • Offshore oil & gas contractors
  • Any operation operating on or near navigable water ways

Coverage Parameters

Workers' Compensation USL&H/Longshore

Maritime Employer Liability

Jones Act Coverage




Lloyds of London (MEL)

James River Insurance (MEL)

Commission Schedule

We pay generous, competitive commissions on all lines of business.

Application Requirements

MarketScout gives you the opportunity to access hundreds of "A" rated carriers via a single appointment. No Volume Commitments Pre-qualified Specialists to Assist You

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