CISR Elite Service Reward Program

MarketScout recognizes the value of those who have earned the CISR designation from the Society of Certified Insurance Service Representatives. If you are a dues paying CISR and are directly involved in servicing or marketing your agencies' clients, we would like to recognize your value via the following "Elite Service" reward program. As you bind new premium through MarketScout, reward points are earned and calculated at the formula below.

Bound premium x 0.002 = reward points for use on National Alliance Programs


New Bound Premium Reward Points
$10,000 20
$100,000 200
$500,000 1,000

Each reward point can be "cashed in" for attendance at any National Alliance Program.

Reward points are equivalent to $1 and can be redeemed at any time after confirmation of written premium.

* Offer valid until cancelled by MarketScout.
* Participants must hold a valid insurance license.

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