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Current or New Users:
You are not required to register or log in to use In order to take advantage of some personalized features, and contact underwriters, though, registration is necessary in order to ensure the best possible experience.

Becoming a Registered User:
To become a Registered User you must go to the New User Page and input all requested information.

You only have to register as a New User the first time you enter the site. Your information will be saved. The next time you wish to access our site, you only have to verify your email address and password in User Login.

We want you to have the best Internet experience possible when visiting our site. Here are a few guidelines to help you get the most out of your MarketScout experience.

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MarketScout is optimized for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Make sure your JavaScript is turned on in your browser:
Note: The latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape come with Javascript already enabled.

Set your Monitor Resolution to at least 800 x 600:
1024 x 768 is highly recommended.

Make sure your Graphics are turned on in your browser:
Internet Explorer and Netscape come with Graphics enabled. Text browsers, such as Lynx, are not supported at this time.

Printing Applications
Some of the information you will find at will be in a Printable Document Format (PDF) which can be downloaded and saved, or viewed directly within your browser (Internet Explorer 5.x only). To view these documents you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is free to download and will come in handy with many other web sites you may visit.

Other Printable information, such as Applications, can be printed by simply clicking the print button at the bottom of the page.


Figure 1.1: Print Application button is located at the bottom of
every MarketScout Application.

Supplemental Forms and Applications:

MarketScout eProducer Agreement
All users should complete the Producer Agreement and fax it to Marketscout for filing. The PDF version of this form can be downloaded by clicking here.

The fax number is (972) 934-4299.

Other Supplemental Forms and Applications
Other Supplemental Forms and Applications can be found by clicking here. This page contains a list of supplemental forms and applications which can be necessary to provide you with an accurate insurance quote.

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