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Group Life

To become a producer for this line of business, please fill out a producer agreement.

Market Overview

MarketScout has some of the most competitive carriers in the industry that offers Group Life, AD&D, Disability, Dental, Vision insurance and Employee Assistance Program (EAP). These lines of coverage can be bundled or unbundled. When placing dual or more lines of coverage (bundled) we can obtain multipolicy discounts. In many cases, we can obtain 2-3 year guaranteed rates. Our group dental carrier's offer a variety of benefit plans to meet the Employer and Employee economical and benefit need. In our dental policies, we include key policy terms and conditions that help protect the Employer and Employee from denied claims. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services is now a major benefit being offered by Employers. In many cases we include an EAP program for no additional charge when purchasing some of these lines of Group coverage. We have a market for all industries and there is no maximum of the number of lives we can insure.

Coverage Parameters

Limits are determined by the specific product. In many cases, we can customize the limits to your desire.


Various carriers per each line of coverage.

Commission Schedule

We offer competitive commissions based on the specific line of coverage. Depending on the size of the account, we can incorporate your desired commission percentage in the rates.

Application Requirements

Not applicable.

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