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  • Can MarketScout file surplus lines taxes and fees?

    We can file in many states. Please check with the underwriter to confirm that we can file in a particular state and if any filing fees will be required.
  • What limits are available?

    Most product capacity is up to $50 million.
  • How quick is your turnaround time for quotes?

    Generally 10-15 days once the submission is received.
  • Can I get Mold Coverage by itself?

    One cannot purchase a monoline Mold policy. It must be added as an endorsement to a Pollution product.
  • Are there special requirements for Mold coverage?

    Yes. Depending on the class of contractor, most seeking Mold coverage will be asked to complete a "Mold Awareness" training course (if they have not done so previously) and to have written company procedures in place for water damage/mold prevention. We can recommend vendors for training.
  • Can you write any type of contractor?

    All, but EIFS.
  • What states can you write in?

    All states.
  • How many days in advance can you quote?

    30-60 days depending on the carrier.

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