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  • Will you consider new ventures?

    Yes, ventures with at least 3 years’ experience in the industry, similar field and/or certificates /education.
  • Will you consider new products?

    Yes, we will need a full write up on the products, safety testing from an independent lab, any patents, design details, etc.
  • What do you need to quote new business?

    For Manufacturers we like to see our Supplemental (although we will use others), Federal Firearms License, Quality Controls Procedures, User/Safety manuals (for firearms) copy of labels for Ammunition, loss runs and accord applications.
  • What type of business do you write?

    We write anything and everything that has to do with the hunting industry except for pawn operations.
  • Are you able to write large accounts?

    Yes, we can write small to very large accounts from $0 deductible to large SIR’s and everything in between.

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