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  • Why do I need insurance as a tattoo shop?

    Situations often arise such as a customer slipping and falling in the shop or on the adjacent sidewalk, alleged infections from needles, furious parents of minors who weren't legal age to receive artwork in their state, or even dissatisfaction with the artwork. A private defense attorney would charge up to $10,000 for even the simplest case whether you win or lose, in many instances where the artist had done nothing wrong.
  • I have an open station where guest artist come in for a couple weeks at a time throughout the year, can they be covered?

    We have two options: A guest can be added for a flat fee (price varies based on procedures they offer); or we can put a "guest artist slot" on the policy, which would be a revolving door for guests to come and go (only one can be represented at a time). The only caveat is that any individual artist can't exceed 30 working days in a year.
  • What happen if some of my artists leave during the year?

    Our policies charge per artist, which gives us the freedom to offer a pro-rated refund based o the date of departure. We can also add on additional artist at any time for a pro-rated charge.
  • What kind of coverage is offered for apprentice piercers/tattoo artist?

    We can cover apprentices for hands-on procedures. we have a special apprentice consent form for clients to sign whom the apprentices perform procedures on.
  • I often attend tattoo conventions and eprform artwork/piercings on clients, can I be covered for these events?

    If you have a policy with us, we can extend coverage for a low additional premium.

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