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  • Why do you need it?

    • Full Limits Contingent BI/PD – a must for all answering services • Specific Definition of TAS – to avoid loopholes in coverage • HIPAA fines/penalties – 100k standard – FULL limits avail for medical bureaus • Cyber/Data Breach – 100k standard – higher available • No Exclusion for power surge/mechanical breakdown • 1 million additional defense outside the limits
  • Think you don't need it? Think again!

    • Contingent bi/pd - examples • Cyber– fastest growing loss area • Data Breach – first party coverages, cost to notify, rebuild database and repair image. This is money out of your pocket, even if you don’t get a liability suit. • Media Liability – personal advertising injury – in your dealings with clients and competitors
  • Coverage enhancements

    • Alarm Monitoring • Outbound Telemarketing • Defense costs in addition to the limit of liability

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