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  • Claims or Billing questions?

    If you have billing or claims questions please contact the work comp specialist for this state.
  • What is needed to bind a Workers Compensation policy through MarketScout?

    We will need: Written Confirmation of binding (email or fax) Completed and signed WC Acord Application, 3 Years Current Losses (if applicable), Experience Mod Worksheet (if applicable) and, you must be an approved agency through MarketScout; contact your MarketScout underwriter for instructions.
  • How many days in advance can you quote?

    We can quote up to 60 days in advance.
  • What are your maximum and minimum premiums?

    Max Premium $1,000,000 + Min Premium $5,000 Min Contractors $10,000 varies by state Min Truckers $10,000-50,000 varies by state.
  • What is the maximum experience mod you are able to write?

    Depends on the account characteristics but we have written accounts with experience mods over a 2.00.
  • What states do you write?

    We have carriers that can write in all states except the monopolistic states AZ and MS.

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