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  • What states do you write?

    We have carriers that can write in all states.
  • What is needed to obtain a quote?

    The following is needed: Acord Application Appropriate Supplemental 5 years of currently valued loss runs Property and Equipment Schedule
  • What are your minimum premiums?

    General Liability, Auto, and Workers Comp $50,000 combined Property $15,000 Contractors Equipment $2,500 Umbrella $5,000 for a 1 million limit
  • What is your turnaround time on a quote?

    Depends on the size and complexity of an account. We can usually turn an account around in 2weeks but may need more time on larger accounts.
  • Are your carriers Admitted or Non-Admitted?

    This will depend on the a number of factors such as, size of account, location and coverage needed. We have carrier that can write on admitted and non-admitted paper.
  • What commission do you pay?

    We pay competitive retail commission.

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