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  • What commissions do I receive?

    5-10%, depending on the line of coverage.
  • Who needs International Insurance?

    U.S. companies that: • Have employees who travel internationally • Have employees temporarily or permanently stationed in foreign countries • Participate in international exhibitions or trade fairs • Export products sold to buyers outside the U.S. via advertising, catalogs, the internet • Have foreign licensees selling their company's products • Perform servicve or repair work abroad • Work on military bases overseas • Sponsor trips, tours or study groups abroad • Have international operations or sales offices
  • Why can't domestic coverage handle international exposures?

    • When legal action is initiated from outside the U.S. • Losses covered on U.S. soil can be excluded by the domestic insurance policies • Compulsory insurance requirements of other countries may not be as encompassing (Works as DIC & DIL) • Who assumes the risk of bodily injury, illness or death of employees traveling or living outside the U.S.? • Who extends coverage for emergency medical evacuation, or returning an employee's body to U.S. soil?
  • How long does it take to get a quote?

    We require 2 weeks lead time. We can rush when necessary!!!
  • Is DBA required for all contractors and sub-contractors doing business on behalf of the U.S. Government overseas?

    Yes, and stiff penalties occur for failure to carry DBA.
  • What insurance companies do you use?

    MarketScout has various A-Rated or better carriers that can provide International Coverage.

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