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  • How can a Partially Self Insured plan help an employer?

    We build a plan where the monthly rate per employee classification is the maximum amount per employee. As long as the insured continues to pay these rates for the 12 month policy, they have funded their maximum liability for the plan. If claims experience is less than the claim fund, this surplus is return to the insured or carried forward to the new policy period.
  • Besides the ability to receive a premium refund for good claims experience, what other features does a Partially Self Insured plan offer?

    There are many advantages of a Partially Self Insured program. One of the key factors is the ability to obtain "claims information" which is not always available under a fully insured plan (state specific). When the Employer has access to claims information, this allows for better design of future plans to be offered as you know where your claims are occurring.
  • If an Employer wants to remain fully insured can MarketScout help?

    Yes. We can create many different plan options that will illustrate a reduction in cost and improvement in benefits with the integration of our GAP plan. We'll provide first dollar benefits for the employee thus when a claim is eligible for reimbursement, our GAP plan pays the employee for out of pocket expenses and these amounts still apply towards the Group medical deductible which is an added benefit for the employee.

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