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  • Does MarketScout have the ability to obtain discounted pricing?

    Yes. Our quotes will include an additional discount.
  • Can MarketScout's dental carriers offer flexible benefits?

    Yes. Our carrier offer multiple plan designs that can include "use any dentist" to a "fee schedule" dental program. Once we discuss the risk with you, we can create the plan that meets your clients benefit and pricing needs.
  • Does the employer have a choice in the amount of Group Life to be offered to eligible employees?

    Yes. Our carrier's can offer up to $500,000 per employee for groups of 10 or more. For groups with less than 10 employees the maximum available amount is $150,000.
  • Are all Dental policy terms and conditions the same for all carriers?

    No. Dental policy terms and conditions greatly vary. We can a key coverage that will enhance your ability to obtain new or retain existing business. Most agents are not aware of this coverage and it will help show your expertise and commitment to your client or prospect.
  • Can MarketScout provide coverage to an Association?

    Yes. Our carrier's are very interested and experienced in Association business.

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