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  • How are claims reported in the program?

    The insured can utilize a nationwide toll-free 1-800 number to report claims.
  • How is the billing handled within the Longshore Workers' Compensation program?

    Payments are handled through multiple direct bill plans. The insured is direct-billed.
  • What is the highest experience mod accepted by the program?

    This varies by premium size and state. Please contact Market Specialist for details.
  • What is required to get a quote?

    A completed Workers' Compensation ACORD form, 3-5 years' loss runs, and current experience mod sheet are required to receive a quote. Additional underwriting information may be required.
  • What percent of the account must be USL&H?

    At least 1% of the payrolls must be USL&H to qualify.
  • Can you write a standalone USL&H policy?

    No, our program required us to write both the State Act and the Longshore act coverage.
  • What is the minimum premium for the program?

    The minimum premium allowed for the program is $10,000.
  • Who is the insurer and what is their rating?

    This will depend on the type of work being preformed and the state the insured is working in. We will place the account with one of our A rated insurers.

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