MarketScout is committed to personal "hands-on" service for those individuals who have earned or will be earning their CIC, CISR, or CRM designation(s) from The National Alliance. We honor and believe in the role of the local independent agent/broker. We believe that the ultimate value of the policy is the knowledge and expertise that guide and direct the end users' - the clients/customers' - decisions, options, and choices. We believe that the independent agent/broker ensures the link between the client/customer and the company that underwrites the policy is solid and secure.

Exclusive CIC Facility

CIC Select created by The National Alliance and MarketScout to connect CIC's to leading insurers who will provide special programs and market access to CIC's. MarketScout is responsible for managing all submissions and assuring the insurers provide special consideration to CIC agents. To secure a quote from those insurers who provide special programs via this exclusive CIC facility CLICK HERE

Additional Exclusive CIC Markets!

MarketScout has developed six programs, in addition to CIC Select, which are exclusive to dues-paid CICs. Designated CICs are the most qualified and respected independent agents in the United States, and these carriers recognize this fact.

Click on one of the programs listed below.

MarketScout Partners

The National Alliance
CIC Select


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CISR Scholarship


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